A little delay and bouncing e-mails

Dear readers and authors;


At this point you might have noticed that the second edition of Hyperpulp – which should have come out in September is delayed. This was due to small problems. There was a temporary overload of work at my day job, and worse: my ISP disconnected me for two weeks, thanks to an error in their databanks. All is solved now; the second edition is almost ready and will be published at the very end of October. Believe me, the wait will be worth it.

But the biggest concern now is that my e-mail hosting (Bluehost) stopped receiving some of your emails by the end of September. As some of the messages were still coming through, I didn’t realize immediately that there was a problem – my big thank you to the writer Jason Cooper for letting me know about this problem. I believe that some emails and submissions sent to the address editor@hyperpulp.com never arrived. If you sent something to Hyperpulp between September 17th and today, please resend the original message to mandarino@gmail.com, which I’ll temporarily use for this purpose. If you know someone who has sent material to us during this period, please notify the person in question. I apologize for this incovenience. Bluehost is already checking what’s wrong, I believe.

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Alex Mandarino


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