Hyperpulp Is Late But Very Alive

To all our readers and the authors who submitted work to us:

Hyperpulp is a bit late but the waiting will be worth it. We are right in the middle of the process of translating and lay outing our third issue, which is due September, 30th. In the meantime, if you submitted stories to us, please wait for our next responses in October. 

Hyperpulp has a very small staff and it’s totally free, so we’re planning new ways to circumvent our problems regarding time (our day jobs getting in the way) and shortage of staffers, be it from donations or something other. The important thing is Hyperpulp is here to stay, always bridging the gap between English and Portuguese authors and readers of good literary spec ficition (and art). It’s a lonely and troublesome spot, but a really interesting one. 

You can expect good changes and news very soon. And Hyperpulp will gain a younger sister: Hyperpulp Nano. Stay hypertuned. 



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Alex Mandarino

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