Leandra Lambert & Alex Mandarino



Leandra Lambert is a composer-performer of electronic/experimental music. She started in the early 90s, with projects that mixed punk, post-punk, and electronic, being among the pioneers of this sound in Rio de Janeiro and Brazil, and she later also started working with sound art and multimedia, in 2009. She participated in exhibitions and events in Brazil, USA, France, Chile, Cuba, Norway, and Russia. She participated in nine CDs and vinyls and has created her own music with projects and bands such as Voz del Fuego, inhumanoids!, Self & Inhumanoids and Skygirls. She is currently part of the duos Terra Incognita (with Alex Mandarino), Strana Lektiri (with Isabel Nogueira); and her solo project Cut-up Tragedy. She makes use of her own voice and of other voices, of electronic, writings, cut-up techniques, experimental methods, free improvisation, various mixed technologies, field recordings and small common objects.

Alex Mandarino, born in Rio de Janeiro, writes fiction and creates electronic music. Since the 90s he has created beats and samples with his projects Chip Totec, Phunk Phreak, and Terra Incognita (this one with Leandra Lambert), mixing the creation of synthesized beats and the research of sampled audio sources. His work as a fiction translator includes the Discworld series, by Terry Pratchett; Grant Morrison; China Miéville; and William Gibson. Mandarino made his debut as a novelist with O Caminho do Louco, the first book of the Guerras do Tarot trilogy, a subversive conspiracy thriller full of chaos magick, anarchism, psychedelia, and parkour. O Caminho do Louco was released in Brazil in June 2016.


Leandra and Alex have worked together since 2009. They create experimental electronic compositions that establish relationships with other elements, such as: the edition and organization of the sound traces of live performance art; writings, drawings, photographs, and paintings acting as sound generators, interpreted as audible frequencies; and edited and processed vocal improvisations, which approaches the text-sound composition and the sound poetry. All this is mixed with “sound art” and may also take the form of installations and propositions not strictly musical but composed of visual and fictional elements.

Leandra and Alex won the first place in the III Latin American Competition of Electro-Acoustic Composition Gustavo Becerra-Schmidt, with the music Cortina de Ruínas (in the experimental category).



Their first album, Antes da Terra Incógnita, was released in July 2016. It is available in iTunes, Amazon, and dozens of other venues. 

"Cortina de Ruínas" is also available at the III Latin American Competition of Electro-Acoustic Composition Gustavo Becerra-Schmidt album.

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